We help you

to fix bugs

HelloDebug automatically learns the production issues in your iOS app, cutting your debug time from hours to seconds.

World’s First Automatic Bug Understanding Service

Asset collection
Log everything, including binary files. We deliver only the relevant bits needed to fix the bug.

App failures reasoning

AI that understands the root cause of production execution errors.

It undestands what happened.

It knows how to fix it.

No performance impact

Our SDK is optimized for have minimal impact on runtime and network resources.

Session Logging

Timeline overview of the user session flow.

Swift & Objective-C

Supporting Objective-C - iOS 7 and up, Swift - iOS 8 and up.

Integrate seamlessly
HelloBug(“Disturbance in the force")
That’s it. You’re good now.
Ready to make your nastiest bugs become your friends?
You’ll get an SDK with your email integrated.